2021 Eco Bears

Eco Schools Proudly Introduce Eco-Bears!

2021 NT Eco-School is proudly introducing School Assembly perceptual ‘Eco-Bears’ and ‘Eco-Trophies’ available for our interested registered NT Eco-Schools, for primary and pre-school students to encourage fun, sustainability activities and learning.

The Eco-Bear is a perpetual trophy of recognition and acknowledgement for positive environmental sustainable efforts by an individual or group within their Eco-School.

If you’re interested in finding out more information on obtaining these Eco-Bears for your school, please get in touch with Heimo Schober on ceo@kabcnt.org.au.

Did you know it’s FREE to become an NT Eco School? That’s right! There is absolutely no cost for a school in the Northern Territory to take part in the Eco- School program!

The reason for this is that Wrigley is the sole sponsor of the Eco-School Program in the NT! They fund all associated School activities and cover the cost of schools to join of $110/year.

Find out more about our Eco-Schools program here or Australia Eco-School ‘Litter Less’ grants program here. Or simply get in touch with us for more information.

  • Heimo Schober
  • Chief Executive Officer, Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT
  • 0407 186 461 | ceo@kabcnt.org.au