Why? Because making lasting change takes more than the efforts of one person. It takes a team. It takes communities. It takes towns and cities to crave sustainability. It takes an entire nation and planet of people to be the heroes of today in order to have a world we are proud of tomorrow.

Future of the Northern Territory 

By becoming a member, you are joining the Keep Australia Beautiful Team and helping us create the future we all long for, but need each other to achieve. Membership is your ticket to the sustainable world of tomorrow.

Your dollars will be spent to keep the Litter Prevention Authority operational, to staff KABC(NT), to help support the amazing Tidy Towns initiative and the fundamental Schools Program.

What do members receive?

As a member we can provide you with action plans to help your local community including:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Mention on social media
  • We will plant 1 tree in a community for every $10 from membership
  • Councils receive ‘Dot Point Plans’ to beautify Council communities
  • Schools receive NT Eco-School package (Sustainable Schools program templates, accreditation, dot point plans)