2021 Litter Legends Campaign

In 2021, Eco-Schools Australia is running the Litter Legends Campaign (known internationally as Litter Less Campaign) for the sixth year. A limited number of eligible Aussie Eco-Schools will receive seed grants of $500 to implement a project to reduce litter and/or improve recycling in their school and community. 

The campaign targets the behaviour, knowledge and opinion leadership of students. It aims for a 5-10% improvement. We also hope to see a 10% decrease in the amount of waste production or a 10% increase in the amount of waste diverted to recycling.

2021 Litter Legends


  • To increase student knowledge and practical skills in preventing and managing litter and waste in the contexts of the global sustainable development agenda (SDGs) 
  • To improve students’ behaviour in preventing and managing litter and waste
  • To promote and improve the schools’ waste management  
  • To reduce the litter and waste footprint of communities through changes in students’ attitude
  • To create documentation of good practices and disseminate through social media and website
  • To collaborate with other schools nationally or internationally in order to disseminate good examples, encourage to take action and increase the positive impact 
  • To create responsible youth through the ES programme methodology and educational principles

Participating schools are required to: 

  • Choose one of four criteria to follow 
  • Monitor the waste and litter produced in schools 6 times during the campaign with the aim of improving the waste management. 
  • Use 3 of the 10 lesson plans related to litter and waste link will be provided) 
  • Plan a problem-solving campaign based on their litter and waste issue 
  • Host one Community Action Day, involving the whole school,  as well as parents, local stakeholders and Wrigley associates where possible.
  • Complete a final report and share pictures of the campaign

Participating schools will implement the Litter Legends Campaign through the Eco-Schools Seven Steps:

  1. Form an Eco-Schools Committee
  2. Carry out an Environmental Review and Baseline Survey 
  3. Action Plan 
  4. Monitor and Evaluate 
  5. Link to the Curriculum
  6. Inform and Involve 
  7. Produce an Eco-Code 

For more tips or information, please get in touch with us:

  • Heimo Schober
  • Chief Executive Officer, Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT
  • 0407 186 461 | ceo@kabcnt.org.au