Last lot of native trees arrive at Cyclone Lam affected communities in East Arnhem

The last pallet lots of native trees and plants were dispatched, early this New Year, to East Arnhem Regional Community of Galiwin’ku, in preparation for replanting and revegetating by the residents.

On 21st February 2015 Tropical Cyclone Lam, with very destructive winds, directly hit devastating our Tidy Towns communities of Milingimbi, Ramingimbi and Galiwin’ku. A great majority of the community’s vegetation and trees were knocked down and flattened in the early hours of the morning in the wake of Lams’ fury. The communities were left stripped barren and without shade and greenery for quite some time.

Within the first few months KABC(NT) had commenced the replanting program which has resulted in over 6,000 trees being propagated and despatched to the communities for replanting to make the townships shady, beautiful and green again.

The last pallet lots of native trees arrived safely in Galiwin’ku in the new year and the residents are looking forward settling the trees into their new home.

The whole replanting project has been a huge success. KABC(NT) would like to sincerely thank all those that had selflessly volunteered their valuable time, effort and ‘in kind’ support to make this all happen over the last three years – there are so many people to thank, people from East Arnhem Regional Council, residents and workers from the affected communities themselves and those from the transport industry that provided support, we’d like to say “Thank You” very much and “Great Work”.

We have all collectively made this world a better place.


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