We Need Some Chickens; Can You Help?

We Need Some Chickens; Can You Help?

Do you have some chicks to spare? KAB is looking for young chicks or backyard hens for a Tidy Town Sustainable Community Outstation project (situated in Arnhem Land Stone Country).

In November 2019, we plan to have an Outstation community clean-up event, with tree, fruit and veggie planting, as well as setting up a community chicken coop prior to the commencement of this year’s Wet.

There are approximately 60 – 70 residents within this Outstation and your support in providing chicks or hens would be greatly appreciated. We’d love to be able to do this for the community, however, KAB’s funding has been drastically reduced.  KAB is now unable to fund projects like these, as we did in previous years. The backyard chicken chicks will provide eggs and chicken meat for Outstation residents.

The Outstation is in very remote stone country within Arnhem Land and can be isolated for up to eight months a year when the wet comes and road access is severed.

Please contact our CEO direct if you’d like to discuss further or if you have any queries.