Sandbag Protection – Sandbag Filling Machine – Support Required

NTCS Manual Sand-Bagging Machine

Global warming has been blamed for the occurrence of extreme weather conditions including flooding. In some flooding situations residents are given an advance warning of the potential of flooding. One means of protecting property and other infrastructure is by use of temporary walls formed by sandbags. Sandbagging has proved quite an effective mechanism to reduce the damage to property caused by flooding.

NTCS manual Sandbagging machine makes filling Sandbags easy. Easy to mobilise, easy to use, guarantees same weight (25 kilograms) and volume each bag, reducing the chance of injury. The machine weighs approximately 35 kilograms

One or two volunteers can easily load the device into a utility or trailer and it comes with optional wheels for easy mobility. The device folds for easy transport so when you arrive at the site, the machine will be ready for immediate use.

With funnel in position on top of the canister, start shovelling sand into the canister until it is full. Remove the funnel, level the top and slide a bag over the top of the canister pulling locking lever to secure bag opening. Rotate canister 180% to fill bag. Remove filled Sandbag and repeat the process. For securing tarpaulins on roofs where workers have to climb a ladder, only half fill the canister. Sandbags can be loaded onto pallets for easy removal with a Forklift to a waiting vehicle or manual handling as required. Six volunteers at a moderate pace can fill 350 bags per hour. Three Sandbagging machines with volunteers can fill 1000 bags per hour.

These machines are produced by NTCS Industries Workshop at a reasonable cost. This machine can also be made in kit form for transportation and assembly to any location.


  • Manual Sandbagging machine which makes filling sandbags easy and effective.
  • Easy to load onto trailer or small truck and locate to flood affected area. Light in weight, only needs 1 or 2 persons to load.
  • Only require sand, shovels, bags and volunteers to fill sandbags.
  • Simply fill canister with sand, slip bag over top, pull locking lever to secure bag and rotate 360% to fill bag.
  • Easy to mobilise, easy to use, guarantees same weight each bag reducing the chances of injury.
  • Folding legs for easy transport and (Optional) Wheels for mobility.



Enhance Training opportunities in the steel fabrication industry and related competencies.

This project promotes inmates participation in training, team building, gaining skills, knowledge and life skills that provide opportunities for them upon release from prison. The project also promotes community involvement and allows inmates to give something back to society.


Contact details

Shane Izod

Principal Industries Officer

Department of Correctional Services

Darwin Correctional Centre

Ph 0889287346




WARNING: Ensure canister is returned to the upright position after filling sandbag to avoid possible injury and use correct manual handling techniques when handling sandbags.