Territory Schools in an Australian First for 2022

Three Leading Territory Schools will be the first in Australia to have introduced E-SPACE Circular Economy education into their classrooms during Term 2. (E-SPACE Eco-School Project Advancing Circular Economy)

Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT and Eco-School Australia has announced that Parap and Nakara Primary Schools plus St. Joseph’s Catholic College Katherine, will be the first schools in Australia to trial and deliver E-SPACE Circular Economy education within their classrooms.

Circular Education is a new merging perspective on sustainability with no waste, no emissions, and implantation of the 9 R’s.

Our Northern Territory is transitioning towards circular economy and education is a major component in achieving change and outcomes.

The ultimate goal of circular economy education is to change the way people approach and rethink problem solving. In time this learning will flow-on and change the way our society and economy are designed in the future.

Parap and Nakara Primary Schools plus St.Joesph’s Catholic College in Katherine are doing great work leading the way on sustainability and have commenced circular economy education in Term 2.

These schools will be using circular education to transition and shift from our current linear economy to a circular one. They are also looking to teach and learn with Territory products.

Territory students leaving school will take their learning and this rethinking out into their homes, communities, workplaces and businesses, making exponential changes finding viable lasting solutions.  

KABC(NT) Chief Executive, Heimo Schober, said our Territory Schools are leading the way.

 “We have three very passionate schools that are leading the way and have commenced to embed circular economy into their curriculum and are looking to use Territory products,” Mr Schober said.

“We recognise and acknowledge their efforts and are extremely proud of their leading contribution to achieve a world without waste and without emissions.

“As schools embrace circular economy education our students learn ‘system-rethinking’ with the new skills required in the jobs of tomorrow.

“As the school staff and students at Parap, Nakara and St.Joesph’s Schools embed circular economy in the curriculum, they will make their school operation as circular as possible as they work and learn towards a sustainable future – thank you and keep up the great work.”