Eco-School Ideas & Inspiration

July 22, 2019

Some ‘Eco-School’ ideas for consideration (either with Pre School, or Primary School, Middle School and High Schools): Create ‘Eco-Warriors’ or ‘Green Teams’ – Leadership groups within each Class or House (Students could design badges) Create ‘Eco-Code’ suitable and applicable to your school – e.g.  ‘Respect Country’,  ‘Strong Country’, ‘Clean and Green’, etc Anti-litter signs (students

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Bin covers coming to Parap Markets!

May 11, 2018

We are very proud to be working with Parap Markets to provide handmade bin covers for the rubbish bins.  The bin covers will make it easier for people to place their items in the bin for recycling and we hope this will have a positive effect and increase in the amount to recycling collected and

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