Territory Tidy Towns

Territory Tidy Towns is an annual program that promotes and encourages sustainable communities and better living with improved quality of life.

It’s all about ‘participation’ continuously improving your community, TTT program appeals to community residents better nature and ‘contributing – giving back’ to their community – Keep Australia Beautiful acknowledges and gives recognition for people’s efforts.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Territory Tidy Towns is a free annual award program that aims to encourage NT regional communities to undertake projects that make a positive contribution to that community
  • Getting involved in the program is good for the environment, communities and individuals social development
  • Communities make positive changes and keep regional towns/communities thriving – communities will benefit from the projects undertaken for years to come
  • Program caters for all regional towns and communities, have participants from across the Territory including: remote indigenous communities in the north, mining towns, tourist towns and everything in between
  • Promotes effective partnerships between community groups, local government, industry, schools, local business and volunteers (including youth)
  • Can be an effective way of motivating community groups to commit to starting and finishing a project
  • Territory Tidy Towns (TTTT) has a broad focus encompassing water and energy conservation, natural environment and cultural heritage, waste management and community involvement
  • Extremely relevant today because it continues to address quality of life issues, teaching sustainability and achieving social improvement
  • The commitment and ingenuity of TTT communities is an inspiration/ always impressive
  • Annual Territory  Awards offer an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of TTT committees and volunteers and recognise their achievements
  • TTT award winners benefit from this recognition and the positive publicity
  • TTT is the flagship program of Keep Australia Beautiful Council (NT), supported by the Northern Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Contact Heimo to register your community, initiative or school, or if you have any questions: ceo@kabcnt.org.au

Helpful Links: 

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Government Landfill Guidelines –  a self-assessment Landfill Audit Sheet for Territory Tidy Towns participating communities.



Litter rating Index (LRI) Methodology

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