Mars Wrigley – Thank You, Leaders

Mars Wrigley have been Corporate Socially Responsible leaders globally and nationally for a very long time. They are very supportive of KABC(NT) and have been for over ten years now and continue working to deliver shared sustainability objectives and are always looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

With environmental consideration being an integral part of their daily business, M W are transitioning to recyclable paper-based wrappers across a number of their product line items to improve sustainability and work towards achieving the 2025 national packaging targets. This transitioning process has already commenced and can be seen within our Territory Supermarket shelves.

Their recyclable paper-based wrappings can be placed into our yellow lid bin for kerbside recycling bin collections. By actually placing this paper-based wrapping into the recycle bins we are closing the recycling loop and benefiting the environment through waste circular economy practices.

As Australia starts its transition towards ‘Waste Circular Economy’, please make use of and read each product’s packaging material, look for the Australian Recycling Label to help take out recycling confusion and ensure that the right materials end up in the correct bins. This will help reduce lost valuable resources into landfill and ensure a clean waste stream of recycling content that can be reused and recycled again and again.

Remember that it’s up to us now, we all must play our role and exercise our responsibilities when it comes to sorting materials for resource recovery recycling – if not you then who? If not now then when?