Keep Australia Beautiful Week: 19-25 August 2019

Keep Australia Beautiful Week will be held from 19 to 25 August this year to raise awareness about the dangers of Roadside Litter. This year we’re encouraging all Territorians to refrain from littering from their cars, and to report anyone seen doing it.

Roadside Litter.   Roadside litter presents such an issue to the environment due to the water-way pollution it contributes to.  With the monsoonal rainfall we experience in the Top End, roadside litter washes into water-ways where birds, fish and other animals often mistake the litter for food. A majority of today’s litter isn’t biodegradable which only exacerbates the problem. NT roadside litter typically consists of 39% cigarette butts, 29% plastics, 20% paper products, 8% metals and 4% glass and miscellaneous items. We’re especially encouraging people in the NT to stop throwing cigarette butts and plastic on the roads, and to instead, keep a rubbish bag inside their car.  And for those who smoke, we’d encourage them to keep an ashtray in their car.

We need your help to do this!

Please share our Facebook posts with your friends and family and pledge to help reduce roadside litter.

Every litter bit hurts & every little bit helps!