‘Do The Right Thing’ This Festive Season

🎄Please Do The Right Thing This Festive Season🎄


This year we’d ask people to be mindful, do the right thing and let’s help reduce litter and waste this festive season. This Festive season please do the right thing, place all rubbish into bins, if there are no bins then please hold your rubbish until you find a bin and then put it into the right bin, recycle where possible.

Christmas is about giving and usually includes lots of wrapping paper, plastic decorations, plastic food utensils and food wastage. So here’s some handy reminders/tips:

  • Please continue the popular tradition of reusing decorations and store them appropriately after use (protected and away from dust) in preparation for future reuse next year.


  • Consider separating packaging waste, recycle all cardboards, papers, plus other festive season recyclables where possible. Give consideration to saving gift bags, gift boxes, and fold up wrapping papers for reuse next year. Using string instead of sticky tape can result in the potential to save and reuse more wrapping papers.


  • Please be realistic about how much people eat when planning your meals over the festive season and have a plan for your leftovers such as storage in reusable containers and freezing them.


  • Be thoughtful when giving gifts so they don’t end up in the bin or are left just sitting around unused and unwanted. Remember that second-hand doesn’t have to be tired, old and worn out – it can be antique, vintage, or something uniquely special and great, something that you know will be appreciated and used.


  • Don’t let unwanted gifts go to waste, swap or re-gift them, sell on line or donate them to charity.


  • Please be energy and water conscious during this festive season, turn Christmas lights off when you’re out or in bed, use solar outdoor lights where possible and keep doors closed when air-conditioning is on and in use.  Please ensure taps are turned off, that irrigation systems are adjusted for the Wet season and that all water leaks are fixed – live water smart.


  • Please don’t drink and drive, don’t drive if your fatigued or tired, and always be consciously driving safely as you and your family are very precious cargo – remember that life is the most precious gift of them all.


  • AND…why not give a KABCNT Membership to someone this Christmas.  It’s like doubling down on sustainability and it’s only $11. Click here to find out more.

We wish you all a very happy safe Christmas, New Year and festive season, be kind to each other and please do the right thing, and we’ll meet up again next year.