Cut out the Plastic Rings

Cut Out The Plastic Rings

As the Wet Season looms and the hot weather approaches here in the Top End, who doesn’t love a cold one? We know we do!

Well… the environment sure doesn’t! Plastic 6-pack rings can often be littered in outdoor areas, such as the beach or park. If they enter the ocean or waterway, the rings pose a major threat to wildlife becoming entangled or mistakenly ingesting them.

Many plastic 6-pack rings are photodegradable, not biodegradable meaning they can degrade in sunlight within 60-120 days. However, the degrading process in the ocean or rivers takes a lot longer causing more time to harm our wildlife.

What you can do

  1. Avoid buying drinks in a can and try to buy them in a glass bottle.
  2. Support companies with sustainable packaging.
  3. Dispose of them as you would soft plastics and make sure to cut all the rings before disposal.
  4. Always put rubbish in the bins!

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