Best Outstation Award 2019 – Irgul Outstation

Irgul Outstation

The 2019 Sustainable Community Tidy Town

‘Best Outstation’ Award.

Irgul Outstation (on Cobourg Peninsula) won the ‘Best Outstation Award’ at our 2019 Sustainable Community Tidy Town Awards in November (click here for the full list of award winners).  We were excited by the opportunity to present them with the award in person this week.  The award was presented to the Outstation recipients plus DEMED Staff today at a luncheon event in Jabiru.

Irgul Outstation sits on bluemud bay coastal cliffs overlooking the sea and is superb, neat, and tidy.  They gather bush tucker, sort materials minimising waste into landfill, maintain the area, and have a sense of family pride for the entire area. Irgul Outstation has set a proud new benchmark for other Outstations to follow.

If you’d like your town or community to be recognised for it’s amazing work in making it more sustainable, then please contact our CEO fr more information