Yamba Tidy Towns Roadshow

The new Yamba Tidy Towns Roadshow, sponsored by MacDonnell Regional Council, is visiting each of its 13 remote communities over the coming weeks. Yamba the Honeyant’s new roadshow featuring songs to teach children and their parents about recycling and the health benefits of a tidy town.

As a Tidy Towns Roadshow, Yamba’s popular show has some new songs for children to learn and help them think about their community becoming a healthier place to live and play. One song reminds them that their country, animals and everyone is healthier by asking:

So what do we do to do the right thing?

We put our rubbish, our rubbish, our rubbish in the bin!

Other parts of the show warn that rubbish can make you sick and that refilling your water bottle makes less rubbish, while the “Recycle Rap” is a funky way to help everyone identify and use the yellow recycling bins.


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