Santa Teresa Territory Tidy Town round up

A terrific community clean-up day was held with most agencies involved. Atyenhenge Atherre Aboriginal Corporation (AAAC) provided prizes for the tidiest yard in Eastside, New House and Old Village.  Prizes were recycled tyre pieces!

The local men’s shed made up some simple recycling containers for the office and they have been very well used!

A Horse Course was implemented to encourage school attendance. For senior students who do go to school every day, they get to go out bush with the stockmen, learn to ride, care for, saddle up, and clean up after horses. This proved to a very effective initiative! Senior girls are invited to Merne Mwarre, the nutrition program, as their reward for school attendance.

Senior men in the community were encouraged to work with the Traditional Craft Centre, a group of men formerly on CDP that were funded to start their own bush tool making centre. The aim is for the project to become a viable income earner and one that is locally run.

Well done Santa Teresa on a sterling effort with these just a few of the activities run this year as part of the Territory Tidy Town initiative.


Territory Tidy Town

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