Santa Teresa Painted Car Bonnets


Clean Hands, Clean Communities – In Action


The community of Santa Teresa is once again leading the way forward, with the recent car bonnet competition. And it’s been picked up in the NT News.  Click on the image to read the article.

In an effort to educate the community about the COVID’19 virus, a competition was held to turn car bonnets into artwork, highlighting important messaging.

The concept encouraged people to decorate car bonnets to promote the following;

  • Educating and creating community awareness about COVID-19 key messaging (desired behavioural practices)
  • Using local language for key messages
  • Proudly displaying culture and tradition through artwork
  • Making your community safe and healthy
  • Engaging community residents, enjoying the project and having fun
  • Beautifying your community with vibrant colours and with traditional art work
  • Up-cycling car bonnets to become community message and information boards

Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT CEO praised the current national Tidy Town champions.

“Excellent work and initiative,” the CEO said.

“What a absolutely fantastic idea and concept,  getting community residents engaged and participating.  This is typical of your community collaboratively working together to make your community the best and safest it can be, you’re still proudly leading the way across Australia.”

“I think that your ‘key messaging’ in language will certainly help educate and create awareness, the colours are absolutely fantastic and great to see the proud display and link to culture and tradition.

“Again – Santa Teresa proudly leading the way forward, and I want to personally “CONGRATULATE SANTA TERESA”, you’ve done me and the Territory very proud indeed,” the CEO added.

Or course being a competition, there were winners.  Congratulations to the following.

  • Highly commended: Young family, Jasmine and Cecelia, Literacy for Life, King family, Jocelyn.

  • Third place: Hayes family

  • Second place: School classes M1 & J4

  • First place: School Senior Girls.


The initial information and photos have come from the Catholic Church, Santa Teresa.