North Australia – Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunity

Keep Australia Beautiful Council Northern Territory (KABCNT) is looking to partnership with ‘Territory Businesses and Organisations’ implementing shared objectives and initiatives to positively improve social and environmental wellbeing. Please consider allowing KABC(NT) become a stakeholder with your business strengthening

key pillars of positive community culture, education and awareness as we Develop North Australia and as the region becomes more prominent globally.

Developing North Australia is a new era for North Australian corporations, and KABC(NT) would like to partnership particularly with those operating in Northern Territory. We are becoming increasingly more globalised and are becoming more prominent on the global scene. This new era creates an opportunity to meet or exceed business and community behavioural and responsibility expectations; go beyond the current Northern Territory standards existing today.

Together in partnership with KABC(NT) we can collaboratively work towards leading and guiding international global social and environmental responsibilities into our region. Collectively North Australian businesses can positively contribute to facilitate KABC(NT) enhance effectiveness of improved global environment and humanity’s wellbeing. These initiatives are self-regulated responsibilities benefitting shareholders, the community and the environment; it’s a North Australia business entity opportunity to create prosperity in the form of positive revenue plus added environment and social performance results. In this new ‘Developing North Australia’ era, Territory business organisational culture and initiatives really ought to embrace not only annual economical income but also annual social and environmental responsibilities and wellbeing outcomes.

Strong supportive effective collaboration and partnership with KABC(NT) can deliver outcomes from shared goals. Let’s contribute, set goals and redress failures in North Australia like litter pollution, wasted resources, and social disparity, leading corporate social responsibility concept amongst Territory Businesses as we develop the North. Allow KABC(NT) the opportunity and support to contribute as well as achieve a sense of belonging to your business organisation.

As corporate social and environment responsible leaders, collectively we can put together Territory pillars of respect and ‘Do the Right Thing’ that can be used in partisan with economic development. This will increase organisational intangible assets such reputation, goodwill, trust and relationships.

Please give serious consideration to supporting Keep Australia Beautiful (Northern Territory) financially as we commence the journey of ‘Developing North Australia’ and allow the opportunity to grow together delivering social and environmental services.

Please contact Heimo, CEO of KABCNT here for more information.

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