National Tree Day – 11th August

Embrace your inner green thumb for National Tree Day.
Judy Maddalozzo Art and Wellbeing Events in conjunction with Keep Australia Beautiful, CoolAustralia and Planet Ark are inviting the wider community to embrace their inner green thumbs by digging in for a National Tree Day event in their neighbourhood.

The National Tree Day event is taking place in the George Brown Botanic Gardens outside the visitors centre on 11th August . Activities start from 9am and go through to 1pm.

“National Tree Day is a fulfilling opportunity to connect with our community, to do something good for our local environment and benefit your health by spending some time in nature,” said Judy Maddalozzo (Coordinator and facilitator of the event).

Research shows that spending time in nature is key to growing happier, healthier, calmer, smarter and closer*, and there’s no better way to embrace these benefits than by taking part in the iconic twenty-one year environmental campaign.

“We are becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural world, to the detriment of our health and happiness,” says Planet Ark’s National Tree Day Manager Debbie Agnew.

“However, the impacts of just adding nature are significant, including benefits to mental and physical health and wellbeing. This year’s National Tree Day theme, Grow More – Just Add Nature, highlights how we can use the power of nature to help us reach our full potential in all aspects of our lives. We all need nature to thrive!”

“We’re looking to promote ‘Hug a Tree’ during the event, but look out for the green ants” said Heimo Schober (CEO of Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT). “give your favourite tree a hug, give some consideration to the natural beauty and wonder of the tree and acknowledgement for the essential oxygen that they generate or produce to sustain human life on this beautiful magnificent planet of ours.”

National Tree Day Last year nearly 300,000 people took part at over 3,500 sites across the country, planting more than 1.2 million native trees, shrubs and edibles and helping to green urban areas.

Would love you to be part of this day.

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