Litter Legends Campaign: important dates

The Litter Legends Campaign is an exciting global schools project to implement a project to reduce litter and improve recycling in their school and community with Eco-Schools in the driver’s seat.

Eco-Schools that join this project will follow the Eco-Schools 7-step framework to carry out their campaign on litter, including monitoring litter, raising awareness of litter issues in the local community, and collaborating with others in their community and beyond.

The completion of this project will lead your school a long way towards achieving your first level award, the Bronze Award for the theme of Litter & Waste: the Lifecycle of Stuff or can contribute towards a higher award if you are already at Bronze.

This Litter Legends Campaign contributes to the International Litter Less Campaign funded by the Wrigley Company Foundation.

Here is a quick reminder of the important dates:
February – October
Implement your project using the Eco-Schools Seven Steps

July – October
Host the Community Action Day, making sure to take photos and submit them to us

October – November
Complete final report.

For more information, email

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