Gunbalanya Tidy Towns Video

The Youth of Gunbalaya have put together this video to showcase the hard work they have been demonstrating to raise awareness around littering and maintain a ‘Tidy Town’ as part of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT Initiative.


During the school holidays of October 2018, a day was spent doing the right thing by our environment and picked up Rubbish around the community, ensuring the people and country remain strong and flourishing. This process included discussing the Tidy Towns scheme and what it would mean for the community. The community came up with their own meanings and decided on desired outcomes for the program. Seeing what could be achieved really inspired everyone to continue making a positive change.

The Gunbalaya Youth would like to thank Demed Aboriginal Corporation for the aerial footage over Gunbalanya. They would also like to thank Trevor, Dave, Sue and all the boys from the Works Crew for all their hard work over the last couple of months – They have put an amazing effort into ensuring the community is clean and tidy.


Enjoy the video!



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