Guardians of APAC Oceania Project

KABC(NT) is in partnership with the shared vision of our regional Countries and their peoples Keeping APAC Oceania sustainable and Beautiful.

Over the last 45 years KABC(NT) has grown and developed programs in social and environmental areas of related interest, adapting to meet the needs of the Northern Territory and its neighbouring regions.

We would like to initiate partnerships with the neighbouring eight APAC Oceania Countries, to collectively care and protect our shared region. We’re looking to conduct the inaugural annual assemble of apex environmental personnel representatives from APAC Oceania Country Governments, Industry businesses, community and not-for-profit environmental organisations. The project is called Guardians of APAC Oceania – a regional environmental carers project inspiring foreign relationships and actions towards shared environment sustainability goals into the future.

The APAC Oceania countries include:



Timor Leste

Papua New Guinea



Fiji and


This support opportunity with Keep Australia Beautiful as a leader in this initiative, is an investment, building better international community relationships, demonstrating the responsible role of governments, business and people in our regional society.