Free Flower Seedlings for Schools this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT and Eco-Schools Australia are giving away FREE flower seedlings to Schools to propagate in re-usable containers. Students will grow these eco-friendly gifts to take home to their mums for Mother’s Day 14th May, 2023.

We’re also encouraging classrooms to create hand-made cards from discarded paper and cardboard to pair with the flowers, making it the ULTIMATE sustainable gift that Mums will love.

Send photos and we’ll place them on our social media page acknowledging your school’s efforts!

Shout out to our Mums, Aunties, Grandmas, Nans, those special people who look after us, and the mother who looks out for us all, Mother Earth!

For further information and to claim your seeds please contact  

Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT, Chief Executive Officer, Heimo Schober
by phone 0407 186 461 or email to

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