COVID-19 – Clean Hands – Clean Community

2021 Clean Hands – Clean Community Campaign

(Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Program)

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The Territory Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities program is our flagship program and is the perfect vehicle to engage Aboriginal communities.

Under our program we link the Aboriginal community ‘Key Stakeholders’ together in collaboration and provide ‘Dot Point Plans’, education, strategies and ideas to Community Council Team, community school, community store and the local Rangers. The Tidy Towns program runs annually and culminates in an Awards event at the end of the year – which we will conduct towards end of November 2021.

This year and into next year (due to COVID-19) we’ll continue running the ‘Clean Hands, Clean Community’ campaign to help create Territory Community Coronavirus  awareness and education, reducing the ground litter bacterial host cell opportunities for all viruses, reducing germs, bacteria,  parasites, focusing on the two key messages of Clean Hands (personal hygiene) and Clean Communities (environmental hygiene).

Under the Tidy Towns program campaign, community Council can support and participate by displaying KAB animated posters plus notices of information (regularly updated) as well as pick up litter in public place areas and hot spots to reduce ground rubbish. KAB will continue to assist community ‘Key Stakeholders’ such as council works team and community service managers with 2021 campaign key messaging and anti-litter strategies and ideas.

Under the program campaign, Community Schools can educate students (UN FEE Eco-School program theme of Health & Lifestyle) on Corona Virus so that students can continue to educate and create awareness within their families and community in language over the coming months ahead.

Community Stores can assist in educating their customers to bin rubbish and keep community clean. They can also support the campaign by displaying in stores and at shop fronts, key message posters and associated videos made by school students.

Local Rangers can provide regular litter education and other key messaging to local residents in language and frequently.

The 2021 Territory Community ‘Clean Hands Clean Community’ campaign collective and collaborative labours will definitely benefit our Territory communities and the people. Introducing education and awareness on a continual basis will be beneficial to our Territory communities.

We’re looking for your continued support as a participant in the Tidy Towns prog as well as the ‘Clean Hands Clean Community’ campaign.

We have commenced and will continue sending out campaign program information to community Key Stakeholders for their consideration.

Find more information thanks to the NT Department of Health, via their ‘No Germs on me’ campaign here

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