Wax worms arrive in Parap!

Local Member Mr Michael Gunner will present the ‘Silver Eco School Award’ to Parap Primary School on Monday 25th June at 8:30am School Assembly.

He will also present the school with two aquatic tanks to assist with their Grades 2 and 3 pupils researching the ‘Wax Month’ to determine if they do indeed eat plastic and if so at what consumption rate, etc.


The project was initiated by an inquisitive year 2 or 3 student (Chelsea will know who) and the student’s proposal was supported by Eco-Warriors as a ‘research project’ back in 2017.

KABC(NT) was asked by Eco Warriors to source the worms (caterpillar) and to assist in setting up the research station at school.

Member for Fannie Bay – (Mr. Michael Gunner) is also providing aquatic research tanks to assist with the research project.

Apparently this wax worm has the ability to biodegrade plastic (polyethylene) at a much faster rate than certain plastic-eating bacteria. The students plan is to compare a ‘Test’ tank or worms against a ‘Control tank’ to research certain aspects of the Wax Worm life cycle to compare and ascertain effects from the different food sources and dietary changes, e.g does plastic food shorten life of wax worm when compared against wax food? Will the life cycles differ? Does the Australian Wax Worm really have the ability to biodegrade polyethylene and if so what is the rate of plastic consumption in the Test Tank??

KAB is looking to possibly print a research book on the findings by Parap Primary School Year 2 student later at end of year to share their researched finding with the world  … we’ll keep you posted! Be sure to like our Facebook page to keep up to date with our news.


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